Here you find the list of the exhibts.

Booking hotel rooms at Quality Hotel Langesund.


It is now possible for visitors to book a hotel room at the Nordia 2024 showhotel. The price is NOK 1,890/2,090 for single/double rooms per night incl. breakfast. Send an email and state "individual order for an event with the Norwegian Philatelist Association".

The program is ready.

Nordia 2024 is a Nordic stamp show and one of the largest stamp exhibitions in the Nordic region since Stockholmia 2019.

The NORDIA exhibitions are a series of stamp exhibitions arranged annually by one of the Nordic countries. The Federation of Norwegian Philatelists will arrange NORDIA 2024. The Federation has chosen Skien Frimerkeklubb, Stathelle Frimerkeklubb and Porsgrunn Frimerkeklubb as technical operators.

The purpose of NORDIA 2024 is:

  • To continue the annual Nordic cooperation on promoting philately by arranging a yearly Nordic exhibition.
  • To improve the philatelic contacts and cooperation within the Nordic countries.

The NORDIA 2024 exhibition will be held 31 May to 2 June 2024 at Skjærgårdshallen, Langesund, Norway. The stamp exhibition will have all the regular classes, and we aim for 700 frames, and exhibitors from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden as well as from the Scandinavian clubs in U.K. and U.S.A.

The intent is to create an exciting stamp show for both new and experienced stamp collectors. We hope to give every visitor both the pleasure of interesting stamp collection, and at the same time perhaps give a glance of Norwegian hospitality and culture.

Langesund is a cosy coastal town in the province of Telemark in southern Norway, with some 5,500 inhabitants. Two hours’ drive from Oslo and four from Gothenburg. Langesund can easily be reached via ferry from Strömstad, Sweden to Sandefjord or from Hirtshals, Denmark to Larvik or to Kristansand. The nearest airport is Torp, alternatively Gardermoen, both onwards by train to Porsgrunn and bus to Langesund. The exhibition hotel is Quality Hotel Skjærgården, situated next door to the exhibition hall.

Here you find the commissioners. And here you find special regulations and application form.

Information regarding the exhibition in FEPA NEWS No 2.